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Your True Authentic Self

Your True Authentic Self:

In order to find your authentic self, you must recognize that often we become something other than ourselves to be the person that someone else wants us to be. I would say that this happens more often than not. Most of us tend to respond to others in a very scripted way, and because of this, we tend to pick up different queues from the person we are interacting with and act accordingly. However, when you do this, you deny yourself the ability to feel and experience things on your own terms. Only when you act within the realm of your heart center can you begin to use the solutions.

While these solutions are unique to you and will not be what others want you to do or expect you to do, it is the best way to respond to these circumstances. In other words, make sure that you are speaking and interacting from your heart center at all times. There are ways of doing this – but my favourite is using affirmations and visualization.

Affirmations and Visualization:

Find a peaceful, quiet place and surround yourself with pleasant sounds and with loving thoughts. Focus on the joy and happiness that these thoughts bring you as this will center and help ground you. Now spend some time using these warm and happy thoughts to breathe in peace, love and joy so that you can let go of everything else. Now consciously move the light from your head to your heart and feel the increase of these wonderful feelings as you fill your heart with them. Allow them to grow within yourself and then use this affirmation:

“I am now willing to move forward from my heart so that I will become my true authentic self. The solutions that I am seeking will now be clear to me, and because of this, I am now going to interact with others around me based on what is right for me. I lovingly express my choices to others as I am free to be my powerful, true authentic self. “

Today’s Affirmation:

“I am accepted as I am by everyone that I meet. I choose to be myself.”

Today’s Photograph:

In the Palm Springs area there are several fault lines that push up water from deep underground, consequently this creates these lush tranquil places in the midst of arid desert.

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