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Self Esteem – Part 3 – Your Success List

Your Success List:

Welcome to the third part of our self-esteem series. You will need a pen and some paper so that you can make your success list. This time we would like you to focus on your accomplishments so that we can make a success list. Begin each sentence with “I am successful because…” There are so many accomplishments that we have achieved and forgotten to recognize within ourselves. This will give you another list of positive things about yourself. Please don’t stop until you have filled at least a full page.

This list can go on for many pages if you like and will make you pause and think about how truly blessed you are. These are your achievements, your notches of success. Dwelling on these will help you realize how worthy you are. Reread your list several times. Allow it to really sink in so that you can feel good about yourself. Here are some affirmations for you to use along with your list. Always remember that you are successful in more ways than you can count!!!

Affirmation for Your Success List:

I now see that I contribute a great deal to this world and society and that I am a valuable and important person within it. I am successful, worthy, happy, healthy, and prosperous, and I count my blessings by rejoicing in the growing awareness of myself and my accomplishments. Thus, I take pride in my past performances and have a positive expectancy for the future.

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Today’s Affirmation:

“I am feeling successful. I am successful! Thank You!”

Today’s Photograph:

Today’s photograph was taken in the Okanagan winter. I found the colour of these berries a beautiful example of the bright colours that can be found in the hidden nooks and crannies of a winter-weary landscape.

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