Daily Affirmation For You

I now choose to communicate freely and openly everything that needs to be said.
-A Daily Affirmation

This daily affirmation has been chosen specifically for you by the Universe. As a result it can be anyone of the over 750 affirmations that we have in our data base. Make sure that you take the time to ground yourself and center your energy into the present moment before using the affirmation, then repeat this affirmation to your self now and several time throughout your day. You will soon find that you have integrated this powerful positive thought into your life. If you would like to integrate a few more daily affirmations into your day then hit the refresh button in your browser.

Integrating A Daily Affirmation:

If this particular daily affirmation is one that requires a little more integration then write it down on a post it note and stick it on your computer screen or mirror for a few days. Using this method  will help remind you to use the affirmation regularly consequently absorbing it into your psyche. Occasionally an affirmation will resonate so deeply with you it will become your mantra. A verse that you love to quote over and over especially to yourself. These are the most powerful of affirmations as they are a part of you and often a key feature of your own personality.

You can use daily affirmations for all kinds of things. For example affirmations can help to change your thoughts in positive way and increase the flow of abundance in your life. They can also help you set positive intentions for manifesting new realities in your life. Daily affirmations can even help you gain confidence in yourself while you take the steps to change your life completely. Another way to use daily affirmations are when you are sad or lonely you can use affirmations to bring more happiness and more people into your life.

In conclusion it all boils down to taking action. Make sure that you affirm, follow through, and then believe in the new more powerful and positive you.

Dream it, Affirm It, Believe it, Achieve it!

5 thoughts on “Daily Affirmation For You”

  1. Thank you so very much for doing this! I am wondering though, how do I get an Affirmation everyday? I was led here by your FB Post.

    1. Just keep coming back to this page – it will be different every time. This website is still under construction. We will soon have what it sorted.

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH ! I love waking up in the morning and opening up email to my daily affirmations .. always on time ! Looking forward to many more ! Happy 2017

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