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Forgiving – Self Esteem – Part 5

Forgiving Others:

There are times when friends, family or even strangers intentionally or unintentionally say something to you that is hurtful and spiteful. Often these things bury themselves in our psyche and hold onto them until we believe these things to be true about ourselves. It settles into our consciousness, festers and grows and then begins to undermine the way we think about ourselves. To rebuild our confidence and self-esteem, we need to let go of the transgression and start forgiving these people. Here is an affirmation to help you begin the process.

Affirmation for Forgiving Others:

I now choose to let go of the hurtful and painful things that others have said to me or about me. In addition, I will no longer take these things personally because it is merely a reflection of their journey and their place in it. My journey is a path of growth, love, compassion and acceptance. Therefore, I now forgive those who have hurt me in the past and the present. I release the pain with love for them and myself. Thank You.

Forgiving Yourself:

On the other hand, the more challenging aspect of this exercise is forgiving yourself. We, as humans, are masters at laying self-blame and fostering painful beliefs about ourselves. To begin the healing process, we are going to have to start forgiving ourselves. As we let go and start healing with self-love, we come closer to being our authentic selves. Here is another affirmation to help you on the road to self-forgiveness.

Affirmation for Forgiving Yourself:

I now choose to let go of the hurtful and painful things that I believe about myself. I now know that I am lovable, compassionate, beautiful, loving, and filled with unconditional acceptance of myself and others. I let go of my past transgressions toward myself and freely forgive myself. Furthermore, I am now on the path of growth and high self-esteem. I believe in myself, and because of this, I also love myself. Thank You.

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Today’s Affirmation:

I now forgive myself and others.

Today’s Photograph:

Most fountains contain plenty of coins because people toss them in and wish for good luck. What if you tossed a coin in for each person you forgave, and for each transgression you forgive of yourself? In this case, taking action like this is a way to positively reinforce the things you are trying to heal within yourself. It is also important to realize that there are many other ways to do this; just find one that works for you.

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