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Moving Forward – Asking for Help

Moving Forward:

Occasionally, we all seem to hit an obstacle, or a brick wall that stops us from moving forward with our lives. It happens when whatever you have been trying to create or sustain, just does not work any longer. Thus, it feels like everything is crashing down around you and all you can see is the chaos.

There is always a divine order to chaos and although we can’t always see it there is a path for you to move forward on. The key is to act, however small an action it is. With this in mind, one small step in any direction will begin to clear the air, even if it is wrong! Keep asking Spirit “How” and “What Next” and the path will become clear to you. While this will allow Spirit to help you embrace whatever changes you need to make to allow things to succeed and move forward, you must trust that you can rebuild or modify whatever needs to change in your life. Surrender and let go so that you will be shown the way. You are never alone and all you need to do is ask for help!

In summary, there are many ways that the path can be shown to you. In fact, it may come as sudden inspiration, and inner knowing or desire to try something new, or a friend making a suggestion. Be open and allow yourself to receive the information that is coming your way. Know that it will come.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I am moving forward with a joyful sense of adventure. Thank You!”

Today’s Photograph:

I chose this photograph to portray an obstacle strewn path. The cactus will stick to you and they will bite – but there are ways of avoiding them and you can find a path through them if you look for it and take one step at a time. Just the perfect photograph for today’s topic!

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