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Serenity – Being Still in the Moment


So many of us get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives that we no longer know what serenity is or even know how to access it. Be Still. That’s all it takes, a few moments of taking a deep breath, letting everything go and above all quieting the mind. Let it drift into a quiet, comfortable place and stay there while grounding yourself in the moment. Feel Better? You bet you do! Moreover, when you sneak in these little moments, which are important and should be practiced several times a day, the better you will be equipped to handle the rest of your day!

How do I do this?

First, you must make a conscious choice to find the peace in your mind and then be willing to turn off all of your noisy gadgets to find that calm retreat. Seek out a quiet place to be alone with yourself at least once a day. Furthermore, take the time to silence your inner dialogue and retreat to your heart center. In other words, focus on listening to your breath and the beating of your heart. Consciously move the brilliant light of your mind and fill your heart with it so that it expands to all its dark corners. Breathe!

This is the food that your soul requires. Silence. It is within that serenity that you can reconnect to the vast universe that is within yourself. In any event, this is the place that has all the answers to all of your questions. In essence, this place contains all of the joy, peace, and divine unconditional love that you will ever need.

Make an appointment with yourself. It will be the best vacation you will ever have!

Today’s Affirmation:

I am filled to overflowing with peace and serenity. Thank You!

Today’s Photograph:

I wanted to find a photo that reflected peace and serenity and found it in this photo taken in Palm Desert, California. I remember taking this photo after a long day of walking and photographing the Living Desert. It rounded out a blissful day!

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