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Setting Boundaries – When to Say No

Setting Boundaries:

One of the most difficult lessons that we all must learn on our earth walk is knowing when it is time to say NO and start setting boundaries. Often, we get so caught up in giving unconditionally in all circumstances that we hurt ourselves in the process. Then somewhere down the road, you wonder why and where you came to be carrying such a big load. Eventually, you look around you, and you see your entire circle of friends and family all standing, waiting, with their hands outstretched in expectation. Specifically, it becomes a habit of feeding the needy, and in trying to satisfy everyone else’s needs, you lose sight of your path and your personal journey.

In this case, when you are setting boundaries by saying no – you are taking your power back and giving to yourself first. Moreover, you are no longer giving to those who have made a habit of draining your energy and resources. In other words, it makes them re-evaluate their own journey, just as you are re-evaluating yours. It’s amazing how free you can feel when you stop carrying everyone.

I don’t mean to imply that you say no in all circumstances. When someone asks you to do something or give something, learn to discern what your reasons for giving are.  In other words, do you really want to provide this, and are you able to give it without expectation? Can you give this? Is it in your highest good to say yes? Examine the reasons you want to say yes, as well as the reasons for saying no. In conclusion, always weigh them carefully for the highest and best in all circumstances.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I choose to set respectful boundaries for myself. It is now safe for me to say No!”


Today’s Photograph:

I chose something mountainous for today’s photograph simply because nothing is capable of setting boundaries better than a mountain. It sets limits as to how you can cross it as well as who and what has access to it. Those that roam it are highly specialized creatures and therefore suited to its protection. This photo was taken at sunset in the blue hour.

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