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Finding Closure Through Releasing the Past

Finding Closure

Occasionally, when we feel stuck, the only way to move forward is by finding closure with the past. When a significant change in your life happens, whether by design or by chance, it is important to be able to release all of the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the past in a way that allows you to move forward again. At this point, you need to put closure on the past.

When you can find a couple of hours of solitude, write a long letter to the parties involved outlining all the feelings you have had over the years. They will never see it, so leave nothing out. In other words, allow the pain, the fear and the anger to flow out on the paper. Express it all. Now it is time to write another letter to yourself that expresses all the feelings of pain and anger you felt toward yourself.  In this case, you write down all your frustrations, guilt and judgments that you made with yourself. Hence, there may even have been times that you hated yourself for your self-perceived weakness. In effect, this is allowing all the emotions to flow out of your body and onto paper.

When you are finished with these two letters, take them to a safe place where you can burn them. As they go up in flames, use the following affirmations for yourself;

An Affirmation for Finding Closure:

“I now choose to release all the pain of my past experiences. I now choose to forgive all others and myself. In addition, I deserve to be happy and to move forward with my life. I am now free and I love myself unconditionally.”

Finally, you will have to do these affirmations repeatedly for a few days as your body detoxifies itself from its pain. When you trust the process and believe that what you are experiencing is a huge step toward letting go, your next steps forward will be revealed.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I choose to let go of the past now.”

Today’s Photograph:

Sometimes the things that we hold onto are simply just a rusting shell of what we thought we had. This old car was once someone’s pride and joy, and yet here “she” is stripped of what “once was.” This photo was taken in Rhyolite, Nevada.

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