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Individuality – Self Esteem – Part 4


One of our most significant challenges in being human is learning to let go of how we compare ourselves to others. During this process of comparison, we always seem to look for the characteristics that we are lacking, weak on, or somehow non-conforming. We are always too fat, too thin, too soft, too aggressive, too shy, too stupid, and the list goes on. What we are, of course, forgetting is that we are all individuals and that we have our own personal qualities that stand out among our peers. We are ourselves, and coming to accept ourselves as we are at this moment is extremely important to our sense of self-esteem. Thus, we must try to embrace our own individuality.

How do we do this?

It’s time to get your pen and paper again so that you can make another list. This time it is a list of all your positive qualities. These are the characteristics that make you wonderfully different from everyone else, the things that give you a sense of individuality. Furthermore, make sure that you include as many qualities as you can think of, including things like; generosity, kindness, loyalty, strength, positive influences, creativity, acceptance, and the love you share every day. Begin each item on your list with “I am…”

As a result, the act of filling your page with the things that make up the whole of who you are, you will begin to see yourself positively. It is important to realize that you are special in your own way and that no one’s list will look exactly like yours. This inventory of the things that are a part of your individuality will also make an excellent list of affirmations for yourself. Go ahead and fill the page!

Self Esteem Series:

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Today’s Affirmation:

“I am a unique child of this world and perfect in all ways.”

Today’s Photograph:

I chose this close up of a rose that I took a few days ago, because of its beautiful imperfection. Thus, it serves as a reminder that we are all individuals, and it is our individuality that makes us beautiful, flaws and all.

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