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Self Esteem – Part 1 – Self Worth

Self Esteem

There is nothing more important in our lives than self-esteem and how we think about ourselves. Self-esteem affects all our personal experiences by influencing the way we function at work, our relationships, as well as the potential accomplishments we achieve in our lives. Raising your self-esteem is the key to success in building your dreams. In other words, you must feel that that you deserve it.

Part 1: Self-Worth

Feeling that you are worthy of all the good things in life is an integral part of developing higher self-esteem. Being worthy of receiving love, abundance, guidance, support, as well as feeling that you are valuable in all these areas to others, plays a very significant role.

There are so many of us out there who believe in some way, shape or form that we are “unlovable.” Perhaps it’s over a sense of guilt for something we have done, or simply because we have come to expect abuse from others. There are so many ways in which this “unlovable” feeling can manifest. Please take a moment right now – and write down why you believe this about yourself. Everyone has one small or huge belief about themselves in this way. Write it down. “I believe that I am unlovable because…”

Feeling Worthy:

Good. Now the next step is to heal that belief. Use the affirmation below several times to help release this conviction. Write it down, or say it out loud, or to yourself. It is a good idea to use this affirmation all week until the next part of our self-esteem article comes out next week. You may even wish to add a few of your own affirmations to it.

Overall, feeling worthy of yourself is a step-by-step process of taking the time to acknowledge the accomplishments that you have made in your life. This is the first step in recognizing your worth. Find the positive aspects that are represented in your existence and focus toward receiving all the things you desire.

You are worthy!

Affirmation for Self Worth:

I now choose to release this belief and in doing so, also choose to forgive myself and all others. I believe that I am lovable and am worthy of receiving love. Therefore, I know that I am loved and respected. I am worthy of abundance, support and love and am a valuable and essential part of the universe. Thus, I am also worthy of the respect of others.

Today’s Affirmation;

“I am beautiful, lovable and worthy of receiving.”

Today’s Photograph;

There are places in the Joshua Tree National Park where these chunks of granite are exposed to the elements to erode. Their unique shapes pose a stark contrast to the desert floor sand and the odd shapes of the Joshua Trees. Even in the harshest and most unfavourable elements, beauty can thrive.

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