A Daily Affirmation #162 – Divine Love

Today’s Affirmation

“I choose to see the divine love in everything and everyone. I unconditionally accept what is.”

Only divine love bestows the keys of knowledge. ~Arthur Rimbaud

I am in you and you in me, mutual in divine love. ~William Blake

The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance. ~Brian Tracy

Divine Love and Acceptance ¬ From Our Website

Rancho Mirage Water Channel, Unconditional Love and Acceptance, A Daily Affirmation, www.adailyaffirmation.com
Rancho Mirage Water Channel

Unconditional Love and Acceptance

This morning I choose to shed the masks that society has given me. As a result, I am going to be myself. Therefore, all my actions and responses today will come from a place of unconditional love and acceptance. I choose to allow my true authentic self to come forth in all my actions, reactions and words. In addition, this …… Read More

White Rose, Individuality, A Daily Affirmation, www.adailyaffirmation.com
White Rose

Individuality – Self Esteem – Part 4

One of our greatest challenges in being human is learning to let go of how we compare ourselves to others. During this process of comparison, we always seem to look for the characteristics that we are lacking, weak on, or somehow non-conforming. We are always, too fat, too thin, too weak, too aggressive, too shy, too stupid …… Read More

Today’s Photograph

I chose this photograph for today because of its peaceful serenity. Visiting a power spot such as this one will often help to calm and ease your mind so that you are able to see your way clearly.

Surprisingly, this photo was taken at the spot where the Okanagan Lake empties into the channel that moves the water down to Skaha Lake. While I was photographing this peaceful setting the lake was at the same record high level as was recorded in 1948. In other words, in spite of the fact that there are floods and sand bags in this area, stress and distress all around, there is a stillness here.

Spirit Animals – Divine Love

In order to help yourself integrate divine love and acceptance into your heart try calling on the energy of these two Spirit Animal Totems.

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