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Color Affirmations – Part 1 – Black White

What are Color Affirmations?

Different colours have different frequencies or energies attached to them. When you are using your affirmations, you can also add colour to them by using your visualization techniques. In other words, you can wrap or bathe your affirmation in a certain colour that is appropriate for the affirmation. Colour affirmations can intensify the power of your affirmation. They can also help clear any blockages that are preventing you from manifesting your goals and desires. Even deep or dark shades of a colour can have its purpose. In fact, your thoughts are energy, thus using colour with your thoughts also intensifies the energy with your intent.

When you understand what colors represent and what their energetic frequencies can accomplish, you can begin to use them with your affirmations. Using their vibrations, in turn, strengthens and focuses your intent. Hence, color affirmations are more powerful and very healing.

Color Affirmations with Black

Most people associate black with darkness or evil; however, this is not the purpose of black at all. You can use black to dissipate energy in very transforming ways. Black is representative of the “void.” It removes everything, scrubs, and scatters it. It is your “cancel and deletes” button. Think of black holes removing energy from this universe. You can use the color black with your positive affirmations that release the past. Use black for letting go and freeing yourself from difficult situations. You can also use black when you are changing your thoughts from the negative to something more positive. Wrap any negativity in black and send it to the void for transformation.

Color Affirmations with White

On the opposite side of the spectrum, white removes and cleanses things a little bit differently. This color purifies and fills thoughts with love and acceptance. It is the color of light. There is also no judgment with white, and it raises the vibrational level of your dreams. Therefore, your thoughts and affirmations will align with the Universe. Use white with any assertion of love, self-love, self-empowerment, and creativity. These affirmations can be bathed in white light so that they can take the highest form possible.


Today’s affirmation is an example of a two-part affirmation that you can use this visualization technique. The first sentence of the assertion is about releasing the past. Therefore you would visualize sending these words into the darkness of a black void. You can also assign specific experiences into the same black void. The second part of this affirmation can be surrounded by white light as you say it, allowing you to integrate it in its highest form.

Watch for the second part of this article with Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue, Indigo, and Violet coming next week.

Today’s Affirmations

I choose to release all painful experiences from my past. I now move forward freely.

Today’s Photograph

I chose this photograph because of the strong black and white elements in it. Koi are often representative of good luck and prosperity. You can read more about Koi at Spirit Animal Totems – Koi

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  1. Greetings .. I was wondering why you guys stopped the daily affirmations . I haven’t received my daily dose in a while and I’m so looking forward to it . Is definitely been a a breathe of fresh of air to see it in my inbox 🙂

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