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Creating Loving Thoughts

Monitoring Thoughts

First of all, every thought that we have is energy and each thought is sent outwards and into the universe.  So why would we not choose to keep them positive loving thoughts? This is one of the reasons monitoring thoughts and being aware of what we are thinking is so important. Therefore, it is our thoughts that reflect what is happening in our life in any given moment.

When we choose to focus on the positive aspects of everything around us, we will create more of what we love. When you love who you are, and love those around you, you will manifest more loving people around you. Happiness starts within and blossoms outwards until it surrounds you with love. In order to remain in this place you should continue monitoring thoughts.

You can also send someone loving thoughts. All you need to do is think of them in a caring way. Think of the joyous times that you shared, think of the wonderful adventures you created together, and think of the beautiful sole that they share with the world around them. The more often you think these loving thoughts – the more loving thoughts will go out into this world. This is one of the reasons it is so important to monitor our thoughts and be aware of what we are thinking. We create our reality by our thoughts. What we think is reflected in those around us and by the circumstances that we live in.

Loving Thoughts Affirmation

I choose to believe that I create my personal reality through my thoughts, words and actions. I choose to keep my thoughts positive at all times and think of myself and others with love and compassion. In addition, I now choose to act lovingly toward myself and all others. In other words,  I think only loving thoughts and I speak only caring words. Moreover, I choose to send loving thoughts to my friends and family at all times. I also choose to love myself freely and unconditionally at all times. As a result, my thoughts are always caring and positive in all circumstances. In fact, I am full of loving thoughts at all times.

Today’s Affirmation

“I am a loving human being. I am choosing to share loving thoughts, words, actions and feelings with others.”

Today’s Photograph

I chose this photograph of the dog patiently waiting for his human to return as a perfect example of today topic. As with most dogs they love unconditionally and focus that love on their family and surroundings. Even though this dogs owner has left a toy to keep it company this dogs focus is still riveted on the object of their affection. You can almost see the thoughts in this photo as the dog patiently waits for it’s owners return.

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