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Owning Your Own Power

Your Own Power:

To own your own power, you must take charge of who you are and the situation you are in. Moreover, be strong, the responsibility for where you are in your life now is completely yours. Furthermore, you must own it, accept it for what it is and grow from it. Look for ways to change your responses. Act from your heart centre rather than your ego or emotional body. Acting from your heart centre is the closest we can come to being our authentic self. Our automatic responses can no longer influence us when we respond to our heart. Thus, we love unconditionally with unconditional acceptance and become our authentic self.


I make a conscious choice to respond from the heart as well as grow and move forward. Also, I choose to detach so that I can make my decisions from my authentic self. Then, I choose to assert my energy into this situation with gentleness and with acceptance. Because I now choose to own my own power, I now own the situation that I am now currently in and recognize that this is something that I have created. Since I have created it, I can also learn from it and grow from the experience. I love being fearless in the face of adversity. I can respond from the heart always.

This is all possible because I know that I have the power to change everything. Furthermore, I am worthy of making the changes that I am contemplating and I am free to make any change that I choose. I know that it is safe for me to be my authentic self. Thus, I recognize that I have all the power in this situation and I am powerful.

As a result, I love being centred and grounded in who I am and lead with my heart at all times. I am grateful for being able to follow the guidance of my heart centre and respond from the heart centre at all times.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I am powerful. I create everything around me.”

Today’s Photograph:

I chose this photograph of the Green Heron today because this is truly a bird with some attitude. Shy and elusive, it took me almost 2 years to catch a usable image of this bird. He (or she) had a gift for camouflaging himself and laying low among the rock of our local pond. When you approached with a camera he was always gone and out of range giving us dirty looks for disrupting his fishing routine. This year, however, he simply kept doing what he was doing, keeping a wary eye on us.

2 thoughts on “Owning Your Own Power”

  1. I love this daily affirmation, although it may not be from today, however just what I needed; to empower me with the strength, reassurance, and self confidence which I am in control of my life and responsible for the choices I have made and will continue to make from my center. I especially love the green heron as the blue heron is a totem animal of mine. Thank you!

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