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Being Physically Grounded

Being Physically Grounded:

One of the best methods to be physically grounded is to find an object that is well-rooted to the earth. Taking actions such as;

  • hugging a tree
  • walking barefoot in moist grass
  • walking along the beach
  • wetting your feet in a pond, pool, lake or ocean
  • gardening

Using Visualization Techniques:

When you cannot use the physical options, the alternative is to use a visualization technique. The simple act of visualizing yourself hugging a tree, walking barefoot on a beach, or even getting your feet wet will undoubtedly get you grounded.

Why Should We Stay Grounded?

Grounding yourself physically helps you discharge all stress and pent up energy stored in your body. Furthermore, this energy is released as it flows from you to the ground. When you are grounded, you can focus more, get in touch with your feelings better as well as find peace within yourself. It is easier to get in touch with your intuition as well as receive guidance and direction from the Universe.

There are many ways of grounding yourself, and since a previous post “How to Integrate Your Affirmation” describes one of the visualization methods, we will focus more on the physical techniques.

Today’s Affirmation:

I have faith that all my material needs are met now and in the future. I stay grounded in my gratitude for all the wonderful things that are coming my way.

Today’s Photograph:

One of my favorite photography excursions is to the Joshua Tree National Park since it is home to some strange and otherworldly plant life. These strange looking trees are some of the oldest living things on the planet while their roots seem to be fairly shallow. They hold fast in the desert soils at elevations of over 3000 feet in spite of the prevailing winds.

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