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This a tag within the “A Daily Affirmation” website. When you click on this tag it will produce a list of all of the posts with the tag giving on a single page.  There is a new Daily Affirmation post three times a week. Each post contains an affirmation as well as a short note on the topic of the affirmation. Many of the topics will fall into several categories that will be cross referenced. Sign up for our daily newsletter to receive a new affirmation everyday.

Making Changes in Your Life:

It is important to use your affirmations every day in order to create the changes that you would like to make in your life.

Tools for Integration

There will also be other various tools that are available to you. This will help integrate your affirmations into your daily life. The website also contains short posts with regards to personal growth topics that crop up in our daily lives. Come grow with us!

Setting Boundaries – When to Say No

Setting Boundaries – When to Say No

Setting Boundaries: One of the most difficult lessons that we all must learn on our earth walk is knowing when it is time to say NO and start setting boundaries. Often, we get so caught up in giving unconditionally in all circumstances that we hurt ourselves in the process. Then […]